Last summer, Fashion Snoops hosted our Girl Ambassadors at their New York City headquarters.  They were introduced to various aspects of the fashion industry, including visiting local fashion companies and learning about product design and merchandising. This enriching opportunity furthered the mission to help girls discover their creative spark and prepare for future leadership roles.   We are excited that our Girl Ambassadors will return to New York for our 2018 camp! In addition to learning more about the fashion industry, we will also explore interior design as well.

Based in Richmond, VA, Girls For A Change is a non-profit organization with a mission to support and inspire girls of color to visualize bright futures and potential through discovery, development, and social change in their communities. Girl Ambassadors, provides girls in grades 9-12 with job readiness and professional development training, as well as the opportunity to build the skills needed for success in the 21st century. Then, we connect the girls to job shadowing experiences and paid/unpaid internships, and provide them with one-on-one support throughout. This early access and exposure to these opportunities sets our girls up for a successful career path and helps them step over some of the barriers that Black women and other women of color face.

The Fashion Industry Camp provides exposure to multi-disciplinary design opportunities. These experiences invite young women of color to consider design education and STEAM careers, and this is why we need your support.  Together we can build a network of support to advance their opportunities for continuing their education and/or employment.

“We were blown away by the confidence and poise of these amazing young women, as well as their understanding of what they wanted to learn and experience in this great big world. It was clear right away that the girls wanted to know more about our industry and to experience and sample the many paths available to them.”  Fashion Snoops